If two characters have been in it together since the beginning or they know they can trust each other on supply runs or they’ve always had each other’s backs, then they will usually share a heartfelt dynamic. So, here are the 10 best duos in The Walking Dead.
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Abraham and Eugene in The Walking Dead

10Abraham & Eugene

Abraham and Eugene in The Walking Dead
Poor Abraham. Eugene was just some coward who told him he could cure the walker virus if he protected him from the undead. Abraham spent years keeping Eugene safe before he realized their trip to D.C. was a pipe dream.
When he found out, he punched Eugene in the face, knocking him to the ground. He eventually forgave Eugene, figuring he was just trying to stay alive like everybody else, and their friendship managed to recover.

9Rick & Shane

Rick and Shane - 10 Reasons the "Walking Dead" TV Show Is Better Than the Graphic Novels
Okay, Rick and Shane’s friendship didn’t end on the best of terms. Shane became a deranged killer and Rick had to shoot him in the head. And before that, Shane slept with Rick’s wife and possibly fathered his child. But before all of that, Rick and Shane had a very strong friendship.
When they were working together as cops before the apocalypse, they always had each other’s backs. And for better or for worse, they had a really complex and interesting dynamic in the first couple of seasons of the show.

8Tyreese & Carol

When the Governor’s forces destroyed the prison, Rick’s group got splintered into disparate duos and trios, all following signs to Terminus, a supposed safe haven (although they probably should’ve known better). Tyreese and Carol were stuck with Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith.
As any Walking Dead fan knows, only one of the three kids made it to Terminus, as Tyreese and Carol weathered some pretty dark situations together. When they reached Terminus, a cannibal kidnapped Judith and Tyreese had to fend off walkers with his bare hands to save her, while a badass Carol saved the others.

7Daryl & Merle

In the original comic books, Merle didn’t have a brother. Norman Reedus impressed the casting people so much with his more sympathetic take on Merle that they created Daryl specifically to get him into the show. The Dixon brothers shared a fascinating dynamic.
The two had a tumultuous relationship, as Daryl became a more compassionate guy and Merle stayed the same. Daryl eventually found a zombified Merle and had to put him out of his undead misery.

6King Ezekiel & Shiva

Khary Payton as Ezekiel with his tiger Shiva on The Walking Dead
Of all the eccentric community leaders featured on The Walking Dead, King Ezekiel is arguably the most eccentric. His community is called the Kingdom, and demands that all of his subjects refer to him as their king. He also has a pet tiger named Shiva.
When he was working as a zookeeper, Ezekiel noticed that Shiva had fallen into a concrete moat and broken her leg. He saved her, and to repay him, she protected him from walkers. Shiva ended up dying in a pretty horrific wayas a horde of the undead overpowered her, but she and Ezekiel got a good few years together before then.

5Rick & Morgan

Morgan was the first person that Rick came across when he awoke from his coma in a post-apocalyptic world. After one-off appearances in seasons 3 and 5, Morgan finally joined the main cast in season 6. Morgan’s inner peace is an interesting counterpoint to Rick’s violent outbursts.
Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James shared fantastic chemistry in the pilot episode, and in Morgan’s subsequent appearances, so it was a delight when they finally got to regularly share scenes in the sixth season onwards.

4Daryl & Beth

Daryl n Beth - Best Walking Dead Episodes
Following the destruction of the prison, Daryl and Beth ended up on the run together. Although they had completely different personalities and interests, they turned out to be a pretty well-matched pair. Beth was eventually kidnapped and taken to a hospital, and despite Daryl’s best efforts, he couldn’t track them down.
When they did come into contact with the hospital and broker a deal to free Beth that Beth herself screwed up by getting herself killed, an emotional Daryl carried her corpse out of the building.

3Michonne & Carl

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Josh McDermitt as Eugene and Chandler Riggs as Carl in The Walking Dead
Of all the people in Rick’s group, it was Carl who got Michonne to come out of her shell. She’d been pretty quiet and standoffish until, on a fateful supply run, he broke down the emotional walls she was putting up and they shared a couple of laughs.
When Michonne started dating Rick, she became a sort of surrogate mother figure for Carl. He lost his own mother, Lori, before he was all grown up, so he needed Michonne to help him along the way (although he ended up getting killed before he had to deal with adulthood).

2Daryl & Carol

Norman Reedus as Daryl and Melissa McBride as Carol in The Walking Dead
Daryl and Carol have always been one of The Walking Dead’s most beloved pairings. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride share incredible chemistry, really selling the friendship and earning themselves increased screen time over the years. As arguably the group’s two biggest badasses, Daryl and Carol are a match made in heaven.
Although their relationship has hit some rocky ground in recent episodes, historically speaking, Daryl and Carol have one of the strongest friendships in The Walking Dead universe.

1Rick & Daryl

The Walking Dead Rick and Daryl
Over the years, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon became the best of friends. They started off a little contentious in the first season, but as they both lost loved ones and, by process of elimination, became two of each other’s oldest friends, Rick and Daryl became a force to be reckoned with.
When Rick had his revolver and Daryl had his crossbow, it was unwise to cross their path. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus became real friends on the set, and that shows in their on-screen chemistry.