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Dele Momodu Lied To Us That She Had cancer _See Reactions As Doezani Madueke Escapes Prosecution

By: BleedingheartinkIn: Date: 7 Jun 2020 Add Comment
Diezani Madueke who was an Ex-Minister for petroleum in Nigeria, at the time Good luck Jonathan was in power had been investigated for money laundering worth billions of dollars.

Madueke, who was later flown to the United State of America based on rumours that she was suffering from cancer in which Dele Momodu confirmed to Nigerians with pictures as proof.
- Picture Dele Momodu shared where he claimed she had cancer.
A lady on Twitter who had claimed she had seen her on the streets of America looking Healthy, had called out to the attention of the Nigerian government on February 2019, but nothing was done about it, she claimed.
She claimed the Ex-Minister who was closer to her vehicle had moved farther away from her car, when she noticed she had 
wanted to take pictures of her to show the world how she had escaped justice feigning an illness.

People claimed that all she did was an act to escape prosecution, she is now a bonafide citizen of Dominican republic, a 
country who does not extradite their citizens to be Prosecuted in a foreign country.
- pictures of Madueke walking on the streets of America in 2019
In the picture above she looked so beautiful 
and healthy for a woman who is reported to be seriously 
ill and suffering from cancer, people claimed Dele
 momodu photoshopped her picture making her look like a cancer patient.
She was reported to have been under investigation for laundering billions of dollars while in office and a greater percentage of the money is yet to be recovered.
On top of that she was appointed as a commissioner in Dominican republic, giving her immunity to be Prosecuted even in the country.
She has escaped justice.


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