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Yoruba: The last Wars After 1893

By: ChasE the AdminIn: Date: 9 May 2022 Add Comment

In the far north east corner of Yorubaland the years of the Kiriji War had seen a great expansion and intensification of Nupe raids and control.

Nupe raids and capture of  Yoruba people for slaves had caused the emergence of many refugee settlements. It had also generated intense anti Nupe hostility not only in Yoruba towns and villages but over a large area including Afenmai and Ebira countries.

As Nupe traders, troops & persons representing Nupe control were routinely attacked and killed everywhere the position of the Nupe gradually weakened.

In 1894, a refugee settlement named Ogidi formed a grand alliance to liberate their people from the Nupe. The Ogidi alliance borrowing strategies from the Ekiti Parapo commanded forces from ijumu, Iyagba, Oworo, Owe, Ikiri, Akoko and even Ekiti. The various North Eastern Yoruba communities wiped out all traces of Nupe control and claims.

Extracts from "The History of the Yoruba People by Prof Banji Akintoye.



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